Give Me Back My Doctor Who

I already talked about how Steven Moffat is a terrible showrunner based on the way he talks about the female fans of his shows. What’s most unfortunate, however, is that Moffat takes his misogyny and infuses it into his shows. I suppose it’s not surprising that his misogyny is reflected in the things he is in charge of, but it is really disappointing.

I fell in love with Doctor Who exam week of my first semester in college. My sister had been telling me to watch it for a long time, but I had watched the first two episodes and didn’t really get it. In my search for something to help me procrastinate, I gave it another try – and became totally consumed by it. It’s very difficult to describe exactly what’s so amazing about the show (which has been on for fifty years – I only watched since the reboot of the series in 2005), but the enormous and dedicated fanbase indicates its pretty special.

Moffat took a brilliant show and kind of shat on it, both generally and in terms of lady characters, poc characters, and queer characters. We went from having fully developed female companions who could hold their own with the Doctor, who can be a rather formidable character (as 900 year old aliens with time traveling boxes tend to be) to flat, stereotyped characters who are more pawns of the Doctor’s than anything else.


Donna never took no shit.

It’s so disheartening to lose something that meant a lot to you. I really have no interest in Doctor Who anymore – which is sad, considering how much I used to love it. My laptop still has a Doctor Who decal, and I maintain that my TARDIS blanket was the best $25 I ever spent, but I think of the show as something that has ended, an era in time that’s already over even though it’s still on. It’s just not the same anymore.


Snake 2016

I should make a general rule that old white men are not allowed to speak to me unless they are giving me money or a job. Because they always end up sharing political opinions with me like I’m going to agree with them, and I always meet them with blank stares, which is honestly the most respectful reaction I can muster. It always happens to me at work, for some reason. Old white guys stand at the counter and say some variation of “Obama is destroying this country” and I can’t understand why they can’t just let me make them their copies without having to share their antiquated political views with me.

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